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LC-360 - לחץ להגדלה
תאור המוצר

New! 360 Hz sampling frequency. The perfect solution for TV and cameras.


The LC-360 LED controller is a microprocessor-driven programmable console, designed to power and control a wide range of solid-state LED color-changing fixtures. It is able to create a 24-bit full-range color palette when driving RGB LED fixtures, as well as a variety of special effects such as strobing, chasing and fading. Output voltage is DC24V, with three channels for independently powering and dimming red, green and blue LEDs. With it's built-in functions and program library, the LC-360 may function as a stand-alone controller. It may also be controlled by a master DMX console, allowing it to be integrated into existing DMX systems.



1) Choose the mode by pressing the MODE button to select: DMX, Manual, Roll or Auto modes.

A) DMX Mode: In DMX mode, press the FUNCTION button. The LED menu display will show either d001 or d-P1. "d001" denotes that SDL-171 initiative address to receive DMX signals. Press UP or DOWN to adjust the address between 001 to 512; enter d-P1, denotes the mode of reception of DMX signal, press UP or DOWN to choose P1 or P2, the work mode as following.

B) Manual Mode: In Manual Mode, press the FUNCTION button after entering this mode, the LED menu display will show correspondingly R000 or G000 or B000. R denotes red output, G denotes green output and B denotes blue output. Press UP or DOWN to adjust the output figure from 000 to 225.

C) Roll mode: In Roll mode, press the FUNCTION button after entering this mode, the displayer will display correspondingly ro-1 or SP01 or FS00. "ro", "SP", "FS" denotes roll mode, roll speed and strobe speed respectively. Press UP and DOWN to adjust respectively the ROLL mode between 1 to 4, ROLL speed between 01 to FL, corresponding time between 0.12S to 6S, strobe speed 00 to 99, corresponding speed between 25Hz to 0.5Hz.

D) Auto mode: In Auto mode, press FUNCTION button after entering this mode, the displayer will display correspondingly SP01 or FS00 or FD00. "SP", "FS" & "FD" denote respectively color-changing speed, strobe speed & step speed. Press UP & DOWN to adjust respectively color-changing speed between 01 to 100, corresponding time between 0.12s to 6s, strobe speed between 00 to 99, corresponding speed between 25Hz to 0.5Hz, step speed between 0 to 10s.










Select internal program (128)

Output Control

Strobe Speed

No function

Step Speed

No function





Output Control

Strobe Speed

Step Speed



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