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חברת טק טופ הינה חברת יבוא ומכירה סיטונאית בלבד.
את כל הציוד של חברת טק טופ ניתן לרכוש אצל מיטב החנויות והמתקינים ברחבי הארץ. נא לא לפנות אלינו ישירות בנושא מכירה. תודה
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 1249 צפו
פנס שטיפה 4 לדים CW + WW 2in1 100W

פנסי שטיפה וספוט
פנסי שטיפה וספוט

COB LED BLINDER 4 - לחץ להגדלה
תאור המוצר

COB LED BLINDER 4is one of the classical COB LED fixtures designed and created uniquely, really ideal for theaters, churches, TV studios, photography studios, fashion shows, stage performances, musical shows,etc.
*CRI(Color Rendition Index): Ra:93
*projection can be adjusted from 0-70° as desired;
**safety wires included;
*Power in powerCON/blue, Power out powerCON/grey equipped;
*blue LCD display;
*new PWM dimming electronical theory applied for reasonable fresh rates and real flicker free;
*four dimming modes: linear, S-curve, Square law, Inverse square law;
*molded aluminium plus silent fans for excellent ventilations;
*PFC electronic power supply;
*driving IC and capacitors from USA and European unions equipped for steady constant current outputs;
*intelligent temperature self controlling: self adjusting temperature to protect at the time of max. temperature happening;
*molded reflector for very even projections;
AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 420W
beam angle 45°,field angle 90°
Equipped with 4*LED COLD WHITE/WARM WHITE TWO IN ONE 100W, each LED 100W, total 400W,50,000 hours
0-100% linear dimming, separate strobe
DMX 512 protocol, master/slave, auto, sound active with adjustable sound sensitivity
6/13 DMX channel modes
Running temperature self controlling
Displaying off 5 seconds automatically after finishing sets of the fixture
Environmental temperature: -20° to 40°
Hanging brackets included: floor stand
Net weight: 8.0Kgs
Dimensions: 366*370*382mm(L*W*D)(hanging bracket placed vertically)
DMX 6-Channel mode:
Channel 1: Cold white dimmer
Channel 2: Warm white dimmer
Channel 3: Master dimmer
Channel 4: Strobe
Channel 5: Dimmer modes
Channel 6: Dimmer durations
DMX 13-Channel mode:
Channel 1: Cold white 1 dimmer
Channel 2: Warm white 1 dimmer
Channel 3: Cold white 2 dimmer
Channel 4: Warm white 2 dimmer
Channel 5: Cold white 3 dimmer
Channel 6: Warm white 3 dimmer
Channel 7: Cold white 4 dimmer
Channel 8: Warm white 4 dimmer
Channel 9: Master dimmer
Channel 10: Strobe
Channel 11: Preset shows
Channel 12: Dimmer modes
Channel 13: Dimmer durations

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