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PPA2000BT - לחץ להגדלה
תאור המוצר


8-channel PA - Perfect for Small Events!

The Behringer Europort PPA2000BT gives you practically everything you could ask for in a convenient, portable all-in-one PA system. Musicians at Sweetwater know that a large, modular sound system isn't always the best solution for smaller gigs and events. The Europort PPA2000BT is perfect for parties, school events, corporate presentations, auctions, aerobics, or any other application that requires fast setup and easy operation. With inputs for four microphones, two additional instruments, and built-in Bluetooth wireless connectivity for music streaming, you're well-equipped with the Behringer PPA2000BT portable PA system.

Behringer Europort PPA2000BT 2,000-watt Portable PA System at a Glance:

- Big sound in a compact package
- Easy to add wireless microphones
- Outstanding KLARK TEKNIK effects processor built right in

Big sound in a compact package

You'll be impressed at the big sound from the Behringer Europort PPA2000BT considering its ultra-convenient portable design. These speakers sport 10" woofers and 1.35" aluminum-diaphragm compression drivers, driven by 2,000 watts for clear, powerful sound. Need even more bass response? Connect an active subwoofer to the front-panel Subwoofer Out jack for even more thump and power!

Easy to add wireless microphones

You can't deny the convenience that wireless microphones provide on stage, and the Behringer Europort PPA2000BT makes it easy to expand your rig with wireless microphones. A built-in wireless receiver makes the first two channels ready to accept Behringer's Ultralink ULM series wireless microphones, without the complications of a separate multi-channel wireless system.
Outstanding KLARK TEKNIK effects processor built right in

For decades KLARK TEKNIK has been a leader in digital audio processing, and the Behringer Europort PPA2000BT lets you tap into their world-class reverb and effects processing. The Europort PPA2000BT boasts 100 effects presets covering reverb, chorus, delay, pitch shifting, and much more. You can send each channel to the effects engine as you please, and then mix in the effects signal with your main mix.
Behringer Europort PPA2000BT 2,000-watt Portable PA System Features:

   - 8-channel, 2,000W portable PA system with Bluetooth connectivity for music streaming
   - Four low-noise mic preamps with phantom power
   - Shape your sound and fight feedback with the 7-band Graphic EQ with FBQ feedback detection
   - Polish your sound with built-in KLARK TEKNIK effects with 100 presets
   - First two mic channels are compatible with Behringer Ultralink ULM series wireless microphones
   - Packs up into a simple self-contained unit for easy transport and setup
   - Dedicated subwoofer output makes it easy to add a sub for more powerful bass performance
   - Handheld microphone, cable, and clip included

The Behringer Europort PPA2000BT is your all-in-one PA solution!

Tech Specs:
- Number of Speakers: 2
- Speaker Drivers: 1 x 10" LF, 1 x 1.35" HF
- Number of Mixer Channels: 8
- Number of Mic Preamps: 4
- EQ: 7-band (Graphic)
- Inputs: 4 x XLR, 2 x Stereo, 11 x 1/4"
- Outputs: 1 x 1/4", 1 x Stereo (RCA)
- Power Amp: 2000W
- Frequency Response: 50Hz-22kHz
- Microphone: 1 x Behringer XM1800S
- Dimensions (H x W x D): 660 x 354 x 883 mm
- Weight: 31Kg
Add-On Player/Recorder and wierless microphone for PPA2000BT

Link to UMT UHF-5100
Link to JADE PRA-55


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